Thatch is an important resource throughout the game, particularly in the early stages. It is crafted by allowing Plant Parts to spoil.

Crafting Structures Edit

Thatch can be created faster by crafting Hay Bundles, Hay Piles and Hay Stacks. Once created, the plant parts are added to its inventory and spoil into thatch at an accelerated rate. If you empty their inventory, the structure disappears.

Structure Crafter Quantity Timing (seconds per 1)
Player Inventory Anyone 149000 60
Hay Bundles Primitive (3) 200 ?
Hay Piles Farmer 5000 ?
Hay Stacks Farmer 15000 ?


Plant parts spoil in the player's inventory in 60 seconds, to speed the process split a stack into single stacks by right clicking on the inventory item and selecting Split All.

Thatch stacks up to 500.