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Soups are a part of the SurvivalPlus custom RP cooking system.

A soup for heroes. Tao lived from Gulasch for most of his Wurm-Online life. Very nourishing if Xalmas is to be believed. If not, starving is not that bad!

To cook a gulasch soup you need the following:

Effect: The effects are based on the ingredients used. Regular cooked meat gives a basic well fed buff, but dino-specific meats may have buff effects.

Resulting item: The resulting item is either called "Gulasch Soup" if generic cooked meat was used, or named after the dino meat with the highest quantity, for example "Ankylo Gulasch".

Nourishment: The resulting item will fill the hunger bar as much as all ingredients combined, however the resulting amount of nutrients will be higher - cooking the ingredients yields more nutrients than eating them one by one.

Difference to Meat Stew: Soups take longer to craft and require more water, but they have a higher nutritional value per added ingredient. Simply put, you use your ingredients more efficiently.