Fertilizer is used to grow crops faster and last longer than using feces in a crop plot and herbal plot.

Fertilizer is generated in a compost bin which is crafted by the Farmer profession in the Farmer's Table. The most basic fertilizer is Thatch Fertilizer. Thatch Fertilizer can be enriched into higher quality fertilizer by adding various ingredients in a continuous progression of enrichment.

To enrich fertilizer simply add the additional ingredients to the compost bin and over time, the fertilizer will turn into the highest quality fertilizer for which there are ingredients to convert it.

Fertilizer Enrichment Progression Edit

Type Fertilizer Value Fertilizer Speed Multiplier Required Ingredients
ThatchFertilizer Icon SPlus
Thatch Fertilizer 20,000 1.0
SawdustFertilizer Icon SPlus
Sawdust Fertilizer 30,000 1.2
GreavesFertilizer Icon SPlus
Greaves Fertilizer 60,000 1.6
  • 1x Sawdust Fertilizer
  • 1x Feces
  • 7x Greaves
BonemealFertilizer Icon SPlus-0
Bonemeal Fertilizer 100,000 2.0
  • 1x Greaves Fertilizer
  • 1x Feces
  • 25x Bonemeal
QuicklimeFertilizer Icon SPlus
Lime Fertilizer 170,000 2.5
SlagFertilizer Icon SPlus
Slag Fertilizer 250,000 3.0