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The Farming profession is designed around the growing and cultivating of foodstuffs, breeding dinosaurs, and have special skills at slaughtering dinosaur for special cuts of animal products. They are also able to cook more advanced meals along with the entrepreneur that are not available to other professions.

Central to the profession are their fields. Farmers are able to make full and effective use of crop plots. They are able to grow, weed, and harvest much more efficiently and far faster than non-farmers. The fresh veggies and fruit produced in Farmer fields are central to the nutritional health of their communities!

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You can find farmer related items here: Farmer Items

You can find a list of the current crop seeds here: Seeds


Farmer is currently the least dependent profession. There are plans in the future to expand and evolve Farmer, which will bring into the profession more reliance on and interaction with other professions. Virtually all players, let alone professions, are dependent on Farmers, due to the foodstuff alone. Farmers are also able to sell their advanced fertilizers, which slightly decreases the dramatic inefficiencies of non-farmers growing crops.

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Engrams are arranged first by crafting location.

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Breeding Edit

Only Farmers can breed animals.

When two animals are placed close together, the female acquired a "Mating" option in her radial menu.

Baby animals can eat directly from the trough, so there's no need to hand feed them.

Imprinting raises the stats of an animal, but only slightly. The prime benefit of imprinting is the rider buff to damage (both giving and receiving).

Animal Gestation Maturation
Equus 13 hours 5 days
Ovis 4 hours >2 days
Hyena 4 hours 2 days
Phiomia 10 hours >2 days