Copper is one of the two primitive metals. 

Crafting Copper IngotsEdit

  1. Find a Titanomyrma Mound. These can be found around the usual spawns of the titanomyrma workers.
  2. Loot the mound to find Titanomyrma Mound Chunks. (Beware, they will attack to defend their territory.)
  3. Macerate these on the mortar and pestle into Ground Titanomyrma Mound Chunk.
  4. Learn the "Copper Dust" engram, and craft it. To do this you need a sieve in your inventory and stand in shallow water. The engram can be found in your player engram inventory.
  5. Put the copper dust, fuel (Charcoal, Coal, Oily Rock) and a clay ingot mold in the primitive forge and light it.